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Our team has decades of knowledge from building at Meta, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Stripe, Atlassian, Intercom, and Loom – to name a few.

We write about and share our ideas and the lessons we’ve learned in strategy, finance, analytics, product, engineering, sales, and marketing. We pride ourselves on being opinionated, honest, and vulnerable. We hope our stories help others as they build and scale their own companies.

We usually post at least once weekly.

About us

We're building the next-generation spreadsheet: one that works just like those that came before but is fit for this era of work. It's directly connected to your data (like a BI tool) but is as unconstrained and flexible as a spreadsheet. This is the data tool we have always wanted ourselves. We hope you'll check it out.

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Strategy & Leadership

  1. The fallacy of freemium in SaaS

  2. Sharing the decks we used to raise a $16M Series A

  3. A walkthrough of our pitch deck that raised $6.6M

  4. How we developed our Vision, Mission, and Strategy

  5. The Full Build Startup

Product & Engineering

  1. Why you should add friction to your onboarding

  2. How to ship fast

  3. Building a High Performance Spreadsheet in the Browser

Finance & Analytics

  1. Everything we measure at Equals

  2. Exploring Figma's Self Serve Forecast Model

  3. Snowflake’s Forecast Transformation with Brad Floering

  4. Exploring Pinterest’s Global User Forecast Models

  5. A day in the life of a first finance hire

Sales & Marketing

  1. The perfect pricing model doesn't exist

  2. The never-ending quest to create the perfect homepage

  3. 9 mistakes we made with our new homepage

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Stories and ideas about building startups


Bobby Pinero

CEO and co-founder of Equals ( Spent 7 years building Intercom from less than $1M to over $150M ARR. Board member at Intercom.

Ben McRedmond

Co-founder and CPO at Equals

Jamie Osler

Head of Engineering at Equals

Abbey Minondo

BizOps @ Equals

Chris Burgner

Head of Finance & Analytics @ Equals

Matt Hodges

Early Atlassian, Intercom, and Loom. Now at Equals.

Mike Stewart

Engineering at Equals, making spreadsheets scale. Ex Intercom, Amazon, Google.

Jiayan Yu

Product Marketing @ Equals